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Eric Thronson – Principal

Mr. Thronson is a talented, creative thinker who knows his way around California governmental and legislative processes. With advanced writing and communication skills, he is able to uniquely serve his clients with wit and style. Mr. Thronson has the experience, skill, and perseverance necessary to help you solve your problems.


Working as policy committee staff in both the Senate and the Assembly, Mr. Thronson spent much of his time analyzing legislative proposals and bills. This required working with departments involved in administering these proposals in order to fairly represent any potential impacts, as well as with advocates both for and against the bills to try and address concerns. All of this effort was overlaid with a strong concern for accomplishing what is in the state’s best interest, and involved building relationships in order to negotiate for what was the most achievable policy outcomes.

Mr. Thronson also has significant state budget experience, having served in the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) through the last recession in 2008. During that time, he was responsible for formulating recommendations to the Legislature that addressed the General Fund deficit while minimizing the impacts of those actions on the state’s many transportation programs. It was difficult to balance the urgent needs of the General Fund-supported programs with the state transportation system’s long-term challenges, but Mr. Thronson worked hard to protect what he could through some of the toughest budget times the state had ever faced.


"I have always been grateful for Eric‘s wise insight and guidance. His astute grasp of issues, combined with a steady, unflappable demeanor make him uniquely qualified to lead others through complicated challenges to sound outcomes. In fact, because of these traits, Eric has masterfully set the course for nearly every piece of significant state transportation legislation for the past 10 years."

                            - Janet Dawson, Former Chief Committee Consultant

As Deputy Director for Legislation and Finance at the California Transportation Commission, Mr. Thronson helped direct the growth of the organization to handle new, legislatively-assigned responsibilities and manage the difficult budget process from the administrative side of state government. In addition, he was responsible for the Commission’s relationship with the Legislature, pursuing legislation that furthered the Commission's agenda. Finally, Mr. Thronson developed and oversaw the Commission’s program to review and approve tolled transportation facilities throughout the state.


From the moment he graduated from Tulane University, Mr. Thronson has dedicated himself to public service. First, he worked at numerous non-profits in the Austin, Texas area. Then he returned to school to earn his Master of Public Affairs with a focus on State and Urban Affairs at the LBJ School within the University of Texas at Austin. The California Legislative Analyst's Office recruited him upon graduation and brought he and his family to the state, where he has since focused on the needs of all Californians.

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Born in rural Eastern Washington, Mr. Thronson learned to work hard from early in life. He spent his summers working on farming and logging crews with his father and older brothers, then applied that work ethic to become a dominant competitor in high school track and cross country. To this day he still owns school records at his high school alma mater. Leveraging that success, Mr. Thronson went on to earn an athletic scholarship at Tulane University, where he set two school records and was the Captain of the only collegiate team in Louisiana history to qualify for the NCAA Division I Cross Country National Championships. Mr. Thronson brings that competitive spirit and willingness to work hard for what he believes is right to everything he pursues.

In fact, in addition to his consulting work, Mr. Thronson is a USATF-certified track coach and co-leads a local youth racing team called the Delta Hawks. To learn more about the Hawks, visit their website at


Mr. Thronson lives in Midtown Sacramento with his wife, Tara, and their two children. Together, they enjoy family runs and getting outdoors for hiking, camping, fishing, and skiing.

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